Google charges beyond the 15GB limit . Google has imposed a new tax in June 2021. Surprisingly, it includes Gmail Inbox. Therefore, one should check the inbox size to avoid any charge from Googles. Google made a major change to its Photos service earlier this month.

Particularly, there is a limit on Google photos for free. Earlier, users could make the photos not counting into the 15GB space by compromising the quality of photos. Since June 1, 2021, Google is counting every photo into space.

Moreover, once a user will reach to this limit. Then, Google will suggest users purchase additional space. Furthermore, Google Charges beyond the 15GB and the cost of this extra space can go up to $ 10.

Gmail’s Share and the 15GB limit

It may surprise many that this limit is also applicable to your Gmail inbox. Even though an email is not the same size as a snapshot taken with your smartphone, thousands of emails can quickly mount up and create a dent in your budget. Friends and family can clutter up your Gmail account by sending you a never-ending stream of movies, PDFs, images, and other files, forcing you to go over the 15GB limit. Years of inactivity may result in vast volumes of Inbox.  That is why it is very important to check the inbox space. It is better to revisit the inbox and verify if one wants to keep the emails with large attachments. Therefore, it may be time to delete it.

Easy way to reduce the Gmail Space

Emails with large attachments can also take up much room in Gmail. We also suggest an easy way to check the large size attachments. In the search box, type “has attachment larger:10m” to find the emails with attachments having a size greater than 10MB. If there are any unnecessary attachments, one can delete them or store them in their hard drives. It will save up space.

The storage limit is set across several Google services, including Photos, Gmail, and Drive. It applies to all Google accounts. Therefore, 15GB limit is reduced because of Gmail inbox and Google Drive usage.

Google Photos and 15GB limit

Any new photographs or videos one post after June 1, 2021, will be counted against the free 15 GB of storage. Furthermore, Google Storage that comes with every Google Account. Or maybe one has purchased the additional storage as a Google One member,” Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos all share storage from Google Account.

How to check storage of 15GB limit in Google

It is to calculate how much Space Gmail and Google Drive accounts consume. Go to Google’s Storage page and look at the basic chart. Furthermore, this chart shows how much space each service takes up and how much space is remaining.

One must start paying a monthly subscription through Google One if it approaches the limit and does not have any other option. Extra storage costs $2 per month for 100GB, $4 for 200GB, and $10 for 500GB.

Hopefully, this article is useful for readers. And, our readers will be able to use the size of their 15 GB limit in Google Space. Nevertheless, one may be interested to buy the storage wherever required. Afterall, it is very important to backup the integral data in Google Cloud.

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