Top Internet speed in japan

319 Tbps data rate is the incredible fastest internet speed. This record-breaking massive speed became a reality during the test at NICT Japan. Additionally, They implemented cutting-edge technology for the fastest internet. Every expert is in shock with this success in throughput research. Moreover, this record also includes a massive distance of 3000 km. That range falls into the backhaul networks of Wide-area networks (WAN).

The need of High Speed Internet

In this 21st Century, all medical and social requirements need fast-speed internet. Slow connectivity frustrates everyday users. Also, the business community avoids any weak internet connectivity. Because they do not want to lose their worthy clients. If clients do not receive their timely services. They will look for other alternatives. If the medical treatment advice does not arrive in time, then it can cause fatal casualties. That is why a high data rate is a primary concern.

Telecommunication experts are trying to achieve the most of the Shanon’s Capacity. The Journey of 4G to 5G, and later through 6G, is in existence due to this single goal. And, the goal is only the massive data rate. So, the Achievement of 319TBps is a miracle in this field.

Realization of 319 Tbps data rate at NICT, Japan

The technologists and researchers at Japan’s NICT implemented cutting-edge technology. Japan announced that it had shattered all previous records. And wowed the globe with a 319 Tbps data rate over a 3000 km distance. This speed is double that of the 179Tbps delivered by British researchers last year. Moreover, Japan had already achieved the same internet speed the previous year.

This experiment used Optical fibres. And, Optical Fibres transport data using light carriers. But, a few experts used lasers to achieve that speed. They were utilizing a 552-channel laser with many wavelengths multiplexing. They also used dedicated erbium and thulium. To increase the distance and speed of transmission. This experiment tested within the confines of a laboratory. The team used the looped fibre to transfer data at a distance of 1864 miles. Remarkably, all the signals, speed, and accuracy were all maintained.

It was not  an easy task : 319 Tbps Data Rate

This success came after several failures. NICT team has been working very hard. Their several failures did not disappoint them. And, they finally had an evocative result. They could do that top speed inside that range after putting in a lot of time and work. The 4-core fibre will work with the current network. So, it is allowing the system to become more prosperous. It is more likely to observe primary usage with internet staples. And, extra plans with higher volume values than rates.

Future Perspective of High Speed Internet

The experienced team is working hard to bring technology that will enable 6G and even more. It might significantly influence all users in the Japan. They will no longer be able to complain about slow internet speeds. And, there will be no lag or delay where there is more significant traffic. Because, most businesses operate online. Thus, the internet speed cay aid in the expansion of their operations.

So, this achievement of 319Tbps data rate is an entry to new era.

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