Air Purifying Mask integrated with Speaker and Microphone LG's Innovation

Air Purifying Mask integrated with speaker and microphone is a recent launch by LG. Last year, LG introduced this high-tech face mask. Its design purpose was to purify the surrounding air. Now, LG has incorporated built-in features of speakers and microphones.

This wearable hi-tech gadget also has a smaller motor compared to the previous edition of PuriCare. Furthermore, the addition of a speaker and microphone makes better voice interaction with other people.

Furthermore, it is an intelligent air purifying mask. It recognizes the periods of voice conversation. Also, adjust the voice tone depending upon the voice conditions. This innovative enhancement feature of voice in PuriCare’s name is Voice ON. According to LG, it will put face masks into real of the next generation.

Moreover, this air purifying mask is using disposable filters and air blowers. These filters work for both pollution and any pandemic hazards. However, LG has not yet claimed any protection against COVID-19. However, it is the latest hi-tech gadget that is working for such air purification. Thus, PuriCare is demanding and promising Air Purifying Masks had built-in speakers and microphones.

Price of Air Purifying Mask: LG has built the Speakers and Microphones

This updated version of PuriCare has worthier upgrades and tech improvements. Therefore, it is expected to have a price higher than the first version of PuriCare. Nevertheless, the cost of this high-tech air purification mask is not yet revealed. Furthermore, LG has announced that the first market placement will be in Thailand in the coming August. However, the market regulatory authority will approve the product permission soon.

Furthermore, United States markets have not yet confirmed the availability of this high-tech gadget. So, we can expect that this lasted version of PuriCare will not be available very soon in the United States.

PuriCare Latest Update and COVID-19 situation

We all know that wearing a mask in public places has become a compulsion since the start of the pandemic. It has become the trend all over the world to improve face masks. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) has issued the modified recommendations. These recommendations’ revisions have dealt with the involvement of technology in preparing face masks and hygiene.

Probably, LG has produced the most innovative product of technology in the shape of this air purifying mask, “PuriCare”. People have complaints about the side effects and irritating conditions. LG has taken care of voice recognition and hearing issues in this high-tech product. 

Conclusively, This PuriCare, Air Purifying face mask has built-in Speakers and a Microphone. It is the start of a new realm of prevention and hygiene hazards in this pandemic situation of COVID-19. We are about to witness the contemporary revolutions of technology in face masks.

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