Alice Genshin Impact How to link PlayStation and ComputerMobile Accounts

Alice Genshin Impact provides this ability to connect the Playstation and PC/Mobile Accounts. However, this transfer and linking involve a trick. In this article, Best4every1 brings the solution with complete details and steps. But, we will first provide the brief history of Genshin Impact for those readers who are going to hear it first time.

History and Introduction of Genshin Impact

MiHoYo developed and published Genshin Impact. It is a role-playing action game. Furthermore, Publishers released it in September 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS. Later on, PlayStation 5 has got its release in April 2021 along with a Nintendo Switch version. Mainly, the game has an open-world setting and an action-based battle system that incorporates elemental magic and character change. Furthermore, the game has been free-to-play since its introduction, and it is commercialized using gacha gaming elements that allow players to earn additional characters, weapons, and other materials.

How to Connect a PS4/PS5 Account to a Computer or Mobile Device

Linking of one’s Mihoyo and PlayStation Network accounts enables cross-save in Alice Genshin Impact. Yeah, it is that simple. One needs to follow the following steps if the user wishes to transfer your PSN save to your PC or mobile device.

Although cross-save has always existed between the PC and mobile versions of Alice Genshin Impact. Now, PlayStation gamers can link their accounts and enable cross-save with the version 2.0 update. Whether they want to take their PS4 save with them on the road with the mobile version or play your mobile save on their new PS5. This update provides an excellent feature for this very purpose of linking. However, the account connecting method has a few flaws, so that one may have complications. For Alice Genshin Impact cross-save on PlayStation, mobile, and PC, here’s how to link Mihoyo and PlayStation accounts.

Steps to connect PlayStation and PC/Mobile Accounts

  • On PS4/PS5, Sign in to Genshin Impact.
  • Go to Setttings>Account>User Center>Link Account
  • Connect your PlayStation Network (PSN) account to an email address that isn’t already linked to a Mihoyo account.

Remarkably, one will log in on PC/Mobile using that email address if he has linked his PSN to a new email address. Furthermore, this new email address doesn’t have any Alice Genshin Impact progress saved on another platform.

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