Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus: All in one MagSafe Charger

Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus is the most innovative MagSafe Charger. The key feature of this portable charger is the property of all in one. Furthermore, it has connectivity to all Apple devices. That is why it is the best MagSafe Charger for traveling. Additionally, the charger has several bright features. 

Wireless Charger for MagSafe

Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus got a capacity of 25000mAh. But, one should not confuse it with the usual portable power bank. This MagSafe has many USB ports and two wireless charging options. This number of connecting options allows us many apple devices. Moreover, these simultaneous apple devices may include iPhone and Apple Watch. It was not possible in any other portable charger.

Higher Power Rating of Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus

The Primary Charging power source has 15 Watts. At the same time, normal power source ratting is around 5-10 Watts. Moreover, an iPhone 12’s owner can use this MagSafe for charging purposes during travel. Additionally, this MagSafe removes any threat of sliding off and toppling over. But, this portable charger is also essential in daily life. 

Portable Charger for Apple Watch

The portable charger for the Apple Watch is also present in the Chargeasap Flash Pro. It is similar to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Charger. So, one does not need to worry about the watch falling off. Moreover, it quickly charges the apple watch due since it has a power rating of 5 Watts. Additionally, It compliments MagSafe very well to realize a fantastic charging combo.

USB-C and USB-A ports of Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus

It has three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The first Type-C port delivers 100 watts of power. Therefore, the Flash Pro Plus is ideal for charging a 15- or 16-inch MacBook Pro. The other two type-C connectors can offer 20 and 60 watts of power, respectively. Then there’s a USB-A port for charging devices that support Quick Charge 3.

OLED Display for Portable Charger

The OLED display is one of the most excellent features of Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus. This display provides essential information about the connected items. Additionally, One can see the temperature, percentage of capacity, and watts drawn to devices. Moreover, the specific wattage, amps, and voltage are drawn to the ports. It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting features of a portable charger.


If one wants to have multiple features which are mentioned above. Then Chargeasap Flash Pro Plus is the perfect alternative to portable chargers. Particularly for those who are Apple customers. This charger is equally helpful for the Macbook, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

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