Ford F-150 Lightning Truck got very high Reservations

Ford F-150 Lightning is the Latest Electric Truck. Ford announced this Electric Truck six months. Recently, Ford revealed that F-150 Lightning reservations have already surpassed 160000.

Since the vehicle’s debut, the American automaker has been accepting $100 refundable reservations. Ford received 20,000 bookings on the first day. And, 44,000 by the end of the second day and 120,000 by June. It indicated a much degree of consumer interest.

F-150 Lightning got New consumers for Ford

In June, the CEO of Ford revealed an essential fact in Second Quater (Q2) Report. This uncovered that around 75% of new customers showed interest in F-150 Lightning. The CEO also shared that about 40% of respondents planned to trade. Their business in their internal combustion engine truck is significant. It indicates a transition a little bit faster than even optimistic predictions.

Extra Investment in the Lightning Truck Project

The manufacturer said that it would invest more than $250 million. Moreover, They would hire 450 people to boost the production of F-150 Lightning Pick up. So, they can respond positively to the reservation numbers from Customers. Hopefully, Customers will be able to buy the trucks in April 2022.

The Ford F-150 Lightning will come in four trim levels. It is an essential aspect of the automaker’s plan to convert a larger share of its fleet to electric. The Ford is joining younger contenders in the pickup truck sector. For example, Rivian, which came off the manufacturing line in September. Now, The Ford F-150 has become the most famous truck in the United States. Ford sold 787,422 F-series vehicles in 2020, according to the company.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Truck’s base model will cost $39,974. While, the mid-series XLT variant will cost $52,974, both excluding taxes.

Important Characteristics of F-150 Lighning Truck

When the Ford F-150 Lightning needs to charge, it connects to your house, but with optional Ford Intelligent Backup Power, it can smoothly return the favor without even pressing a button if the lights go out. Best of all, you can use your phone to track the status of your truck from almost anywhere.

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