Google Privacy Sandbox: Goodbye Schedule for third-party cookies

Google Privacy Sandbox is a death sentence to all third-Party cookies. This new framework eliminates all fraudulent activities. At least, Google promised to provide ad targeting, data measurement and fraud prevention. Google started the experimentation of modern cutting-edge technology on the web. Particularly, Google named it Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC).

FLoC implementation as part of Google Privacy Sandbox

Google and Companions introduced FLOC as the third-party cookies less face of Google. Yet, private browsers are opposing and calling it Privacy Violations. Usually, every new piece of technology brings this sort of debate. But, time has always given room to every newcomer. Besides, let’s see who is going to be the right winner of this debate.

Good Bye Schedule for third-party cookies

Google has released a roadmap of rolling out FLoC and other related web technology updates. These are part of the Privacy Sandbox Program. In 2020, Google announced that third-party would phase out by the end of 2020. But, Google has changed the plan. This Goodbye Period to third-party cookies will last for the next two years.

Essential third-party cookies will go only in three months. It will start in the mid of 2023 and continue till late in 2023. Furthermore, it will happen in five stages. These five stages include discussion, testing, adoption, transition-stage I, and transition-stage II. These last two stages are those three months of third-party cookies phasing out.

Implementation Stages of Google Privacy Sandbox

Google has labeled APIs as Origin Trials (OT). These OTs are in the testing phase in chrome. One can follow these experiment updates through the Chrome origin trial registration page. But, only Trust Tokens (TT) APIs got the chance to enter into the testing phase. Moreover, many applications and concepts are still in the discussion phase.

Google has indicated that it will not start transition stages. Unless all the APIs (OT and TT) pass through the first three stages. All APIs will be ready for the adoption phase by the fourth quarter of 2022.

Deadlines are not rigid to kill the third parties cookies

Although, Google is not firmed about these deadlines. These dates may face variations in implementation. They are dependent on the earlier testing phases. Furthermore, several stakeholders have doubts about the performance of Google Privacy Sandbox.

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