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Google Wave is the doomed real-time collaboration and messaging and collaboration. Microsoft is relaunching Google Wave. This platform stopped working in 2010, in the first year of its birth. Although, many tech experts foresee this. Since Microsoft announced the Fluid Framework in 2019. The goal here was to re-invent the essential methods. These critical methods are the ways to create business papers. Furthermore, they also define how developers create real-time applications. Microsoft established Fluid, and they started to integrate it in Office Applications. The project is named Microsoft Wave Loop.

Microsoft Loop as Google Wave

The Loop is a novel software and concept. It uses the Fluid framework to offer a new way for users to interact with documents. The Fluid framework enables developers with flexible components. Furthermore, it allows them to mix and match to create real-time editing-based applications. Suppose one has followed the Google Wave from its debut. Probably, they will agree that Microsoft wave Loop aims the same goals.

Team Versus Microsoft’s Google Wave

One might be wondering that why Microsoft Wave is required when the Team is already present. Or why might ask why not include Wave as a feature in Team? Soon, Microsoft is launching Wave Loop Application. The Loop will combine a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components. Furthermore, these portable components will move freely and stay in sync across apps. It enables teams to think, plan, and create together.

Components of Loop

Loop is made up of three parts:

  1. Loop components, or “atomic units of productivity”. 
  2. Secondly, Flexible canvases. They let you organise your components and pull in other relevant features. Such as files, connections, or data to let teams think, connect, and interact.
  3. Loop workplaces. These are collaborative locations where you can see what everyone else is working on. Moreover, you can measure progress toward common goals.

Something Unique in Loop’s Idea

Furthermore, if you are looking for some features. Then, The Wave never had what Loop appears to be an essential feature. Loop follows your mouse position in real-time. 

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