GTA Los Santos Tuners Rockstars limits Auto Upgrades to PS5 and Xbox

GTA Los Santos Tuners is the latest release of Grand Auto Theft by Rockstar Games. Recently, they shared the recent online Car upgrades feature in GTA Los Santos edition. This newest feature will be part of only PS5 and Xbox Series. Hence, this specific update will not be available on previous gaming consoles.

Automotive Underground Updates in GTA Los Santos Tuners

Selected vehicles will have upgrading features speeds and more. Moreover, Rockstar games have paid excellent effort to complete this automobile update.

Though, they announced this update a year ago. Yet, exact details of the upcoming next-generation console release on November 11. Surely, the game will outperform the prior versions

The LS Car meet in LOS Santos Tuners

One has to visit the graffitied warehouse on the outskirts of town ” Cypress Flats” in Tuners. Moreover, Rockstar define the pointers of The LS Car Meet. Some of them includes noise of Automobile services and makeshift finish line on the road . Furthermore, it will have a display board of good vibes only.

It is a fantastic indoor venue to avoid the cops and thugs. one can only go to the actual area without weapons. PS5 users will l d all sorts of methods to immerse themselves in the scene’s pulsing heart. They can show off their vehicles and check out what everyone else has.

The new generation of GTV V

The next generation of Grand Theft Auto V will have several technological improvements. Furthermore, these improvements include graphic upgrades, and performances. The purpose is to fully exploit the latest technology and making the game more gorgeous. Then, official word on the next-gen releases has been similarly hazy.

Game Lovers are not happy with the restrictions of GTA Los Santos Tuners

Fans have shown angry reaction against the restrictions. Specifics of limitation of these automobile upgrades only to the PS5 and Xbox. Some of them tagged Rockstars as greedy, saying it is an injustice to other console players. They should have equal advantages of this future updates of GTA Los Santos Tuners. In 2015, Rockstar stopped providing GTA Online updates for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They wanted to focus on the game’s then-new PS 4 and Xbox One editions. Now, it seems the matter of only some time. That Rockstar will focus on only Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S.

It is a really big deal to see a game extinct or unavailable. Suppose someone has invested lots of money in that game. Still, it’s difficult to see a game you’ve invested so much time in go extinct. Although GTA Los Santos Tuners may continue to prosper on previous console generations. But, this small digression on next-gen-exclusive stuff is likely a sign that its time has come.

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