Microsoft Flight Simulator: Exploration of Air Routes of Earth

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for the Xbox X/S series. It allows every gamer to fly everywhere in the world at any time. Unfortunately, It is not available for PlayStation. Furthermore, when one says that a user can fly to any place. Then, it means any location in the world. Microsoft has included Northern Lincolnshire in the flight simulator. But, this place is not present even in games like AAA. Microsoft Flight Simulator allow users to explore cities like Budapest, Prague, and Rome.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the miracles by Microsoft. Moreover, Asobo studio developers implemented cutting-edge gaming tech. This gaming tech made it possible to run with the cost of powerful hardware. Yet, it is the most exciting miracle of game development that will run on the Xbox X/S series.

A High-Level Flight Simulator

Remember, It is a game about piloting. But it is not a video game. It has a goal to simulating the entire flight experience. Furthermore, there is no clear goal of a win-win situation in this simulator. Or the goal is to land the plane at a specific airport .

Moreover, Users can adjust the real-time scenarios. For example, what is going to be visual in a crash situation? Users can opt to see the whole plane damage or simple engine. Additionally, the main goal is to enjoy the flying experience.

Even though modern simulation games are plentiful. But, only few of them are as accurate as Flight Simulator. Furthermore, to stay true to the genre and series’ roots. Developers have resisted gamifying the experience. It’s all about planes, physics, and pretending to be a pilot.

A Game that portrays Earth

Microsoft implemented Machine Learning Algorithms (MLA). These MLAs trained the dynamics of various countries of Earth. Furthermore, this training involved the data collected from many satellites. And, Artificial Intelligence interpolated data collected from many resources sources. Later, AI also converted this information into 2D and 3D earth resolutions.

The creators used photogrammetry and machine learning to recreate real cities. Photogrammetry uses real-world photographs to create game-ready assets like textures. Microsoft Flight Simulator has 341 major cities rendered in near-photo realistic detail.

Future Prospective of Game

The future of a game like Microsoft Flight Simulator is unknown. Imagine what faster, more powerful consoles and PCs can do in the future. If Microsoft Flight Simulator runs smoothly on Xbox consoles. Then, next-gen systems have a bright future.

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