Another chance to witness Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year. The reason is Earth passes through the comet’s dust trail in the second week of August. Astronomers are already aware of this specific annual space activity.

Source of Perseid Meteor Shower

Annually, Earth passes through a particular region during journey around the sun. There is a patch that has an intersection with another stardust. So, Earth passes through this Interstellar dust. That appears as meteoroid shower from the surface of Earth. Moreover, the source of this stardust is a swift -Tuttle comet tail.

Specific dates for the event

Furthermore, this overlapping region starts on 17 July. And remain in the contact with the neighborhood of Earth by 24 August. But, the denser part of the stardust will contact the earth trajectory on 12 August. Thus, this will be the best time to witness the peak colors and lights of meteorite showers.

The moon will set earlier on the peak days of stardust. This early moon set will enable the beautiful views of stars and meteorite showers. Interested viewers must ready themselves for the view. Specific time will be the duration between midnight and early in the morning. They also look for a spot full of darkness and comfortable for tenting in the woods. Such places would be ideal for witnessing such meteorite showers. If you can not go outside in the woods, you must find a dark spot in the nearby gardens. The calmness and brief cold in the garden can beautify the view for you.

Origin of Shooting Stars of Perseid Meteor Shower

Star radiations will start from Perseid point in our milky way. Astronomers usually bet for the beauty of these shooting stars views. Moreover, they highly recommend investing the time to witness the Perseid Meteor Shower. We hope that our readers will also find some dark place and become observers of this galactic event.

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