Privacy Policy

To clarify how we gather and utilise data and personal information, we have created a “Privacy Policy.” The worldwide web and other internet services provide us with this data and information data. Only through direct contact between Best4every1 and the user or client do we acquire personally-identifying information.

Other apps and websites do not give us any more information. We only obtain data from you when you sign up for Best4every1’s services, chat with us, or contact us in another way. You agree to our terms, services, and “Privacy Policy,” as well as the collecting, sharing, and using personal data and information using Best4every1’s services.

Your personal information will be used following the “Privacy” and “Personal Information Protection” Rules.

What information do we gather automatically?

We gather data in the same way that “Third-Party” providers do (advertising and analytics providers). We collect some knowledge and documents from your computers and internet browser when you use our services. This information helps us to understand better how visitors and clients use our services. Each time you visit the Best4every1, we and other third-party servers collect personal information. Including your IP address and MAC address, device information, the web page you arrived from, and access time.

We utilise the information you provide to diagnose problems and improve our programmes to serve you better.

Local storage and cookies

Cookies and local storage on your device can be accessed. On your initial visit to our website, a cookie or local storage will be transferred to your system (computer or mobile) to identify your browser uniquely. When you visit Best4every1, a small file containing a string of characters is transferred to your device’s browser and kept on your server temporarily. This is a standard feature used by many service providers. You can delete or reset your browser at any moment to remove these cookies and local storage files.

Cookies for analytics and performance and critical, accessibility, social media, targeted, and advertisement cookies are all permissible.

Security of Personal Data

Your personal information is not shared with any of our other service providers. Infect goes to great lengths to protect data using both fair and technical security mechanisms. However, there is no way to guarantee that data processing or transfer over the internet is completely secure. If you believe your personal information is not safe with us, please contact us and let us know right away.

We update our “Privacy Policies” regularly, and any changes will be informed to you as soon as possible. We will also send you a letter or email with information on the new “Privacy Policy.” We will assume you have consented to the changes if you continue to use our service after changing our “Privacy Policy.”