Solar Storms Damage may include Global Internet Outage

Solar Storms Damage may disrupt electrical grids and blackouts. Experts are also foreseeing the global internet outage. This global shutdown of the internet is due to the harmful effects of the solar storm. Experts are calling this solar storm Coronal Mass Ejections.

SIGCOMM Data Communication emphasized the solar storms Damage

Researcher emphasis this solar storm as a threat at the conference. The conference of SIGCOMM Data communication was held at the University of California. Besides, these harmful effects of solar storms will be negligible on the infrastructure. Because optical links will have almost no interference from the solar storms’ damage. Yet, it will have geomagnetic induced currents. These geomagnetic currents will influence the short cables. Yet, proper grounding mechanisms can cut the cracks of a solar storm.

Fiber OpticĀ  Network may reduce theĀ  effects of solar storm

Even though most of these continents are connected by fiber optic cables. Yet, the repeaters that amplify the current at regular intervals are prone to failure. And if the majority of repeaters on a network fail. Then, it could be enough to cause a global internet outage. Particularly for a country that relies on the internet from undersea cables.

The world is unprepared for this solar storms damage in the event of a pandemic. There was no viable procedure to cope with it, and the same is true of Internet resilience. The world’s infrastructure isn’t ready for a solar storm of this size. We have only a rudimentary picture of the scope of the devastation.

History of Solar Storms and their impacts on Earth

The limited amount of data we have at our disposal is one of the critical causes of this anxiety. Severe solar storm damages have been documented in the past. It includes massive solar storms that occurred in 1859, 1921, and 1989.

There were no power grids in place during the 1859 event. Even then, history tells that the storms caused erratic behavior of compass’ needles. Moreover, many people observed the aurora borealis at the poles and equator of Earth. Aurora is an exclusive phenomenon in the lower atmosphere.

In 1989, solar storms damaged a Hydro-Quebec power grid. IIt resulted in a nine-hour power outage in northeastern Canada. Now experts are in fear. Humanity may meet another massive solar storm after decades of low-solar-storm activity.


There are currently no models available that show how this could play out. We have a better grasp of how these storms will affect electricity networks on land, but that’s it. It’s even more difficult to forecast in the ocean.

A positive aspect is that we can hope to avoid global internet outages due to solar storm damage. That is, the internet connectivity follows a hybrid combo of star and ring topologies. So if one lane fails, the network can achieve preservation using rerouting policy.. Besides, this rerouting will cause a decrease in internet speed. Still, experts believe that there is a substantial global internet outage. Then, most of the grids would go offline. It will make it difficult for the internet to establish the essential link.

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