Steam Deck is the latest introduction of Valve in the gaming Industry. Valve has revealed the Steam Deck, a portable PC gaming system. It is the most innovative idea of a handheld or portable gaming console. Steam Deck will let users play PC games using this portable gaming Console.

Limited HD Graphics

In design, the Steam Deck resembles the Nintendo Switch system. However, Valve claims it will feature the components of a high-end gaming laptop. However, the console has a built-in display. The resolution of the display has got limit of up to high definition 720p graphics. Nevertheless, one may link it to an external display. According to one analyst in the PC Gaming Industry, the Steam Deck might usher in a new era of mobile PC gaming.

Beginning of New Horizons: Steam Deck

Valve has managed to provide a product at an attractive price point for the features. Furthermore, they are sacrificing hardware profitability to jump start in this niche. Particularly, this niche is believed to be a new category of gaming PC devices.

Mr Piers Hardling also seconded this fact of new categorization of PC gaming. He is the Research director at Ampere Analysis. He explicitly mentioned,” I expect this to appeal most to existing Steam customers who want a companion device to play games on while they are not using their main gaming PC.”

Hardware Attributes of Valve’s Gaming Console

The Steam Deck, like the Nintendo Switch, includes a touch screen and two thumb sticks. Additionally, Valve has integrated two track pads to provide mouse-like gesture controllers to PC game lovers. It weighs 669g, which is twice as much as Nintendo’s device.

Software Legacy and Compatibility of Steam Deck

Furthermore, this gaming console runs SteamOS and is based on Linux. Therefore, owners will have the ability to use it as a Linux-based PC. They will browse the web and even install competing game stores.

Proton software will allow Windows PC games to run on the devices. It does not have any need for developers to create new versions of their games. Not every game, however, will be compatible.

Valve is likely hoping that users who spend more time on Steam using Steam Deck. So, They would buy more material from its storefront. It will help offset the hardware costs of this new gaming console. So, they are putting it as a test of hardware optimization tradeoff with their sales’ break even.

Bench-marking and Comparison: Steam Deck Versus Nintedo’s Switch

The new Steam Deck from Valve will undoubtedly be compared to Nintendo’s upgraded Switch OLED console. However, both are handheld gaming machines with 7″ touchscreens. Both can plug into full-size screens for better  gaming experience. Nevertheless, that is about the extent of the parallels. The Switch ecosystem is a gated community managed by Nintendo. However, the Steam Deck is a more powerful machine with a more open approach.

It is essentially a portable computer with access to Valve’s digital Steam store and its massive game library. Furthermore,  the price is also competitive. It has the entry-level system costing £349 versus £309 for the newer Switch OLED. This pricing plan indicates that Valve is serious about this new portable.

The Steam Deck is unlikely to cause Nintendo any concern. Nintendo’s platform and many of its titles are unique. And, the company has sold a massive number of Switch consoles. Meanwhile, Valve understands its audience and is well aware of the types of material and experiences that long-time Steam customers have come to expect.

Conclusively, these machines will offer different types of mobile gaming. Therefore, it is highly likely that they will coexist, with neither machine cannibalizing the audience for the other.

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